Edinburgh Fringe 2018 Recommendations



GILDED BALLOON, Teviot, Nightclub
1 – 27 AUGUST (not 13th and 20th)  9.15 p.m

contains some Nudity(16+ Advisory)

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Other Recommended Shows


A one-day-old male mosquito looks forward to joining the mile-high club and mating in the air. But
there’s a war on and the most dangerous species on earth is dying by the million. Can science
stop the carnage? Whose side is our Mozzz on?
Crane and Williams still hold the record of 9 Edinburgh Fringe First Awards. Their company
Brighton Theatre was the first to move from the Fringe to the Main Festival with Brothers
Karamazov, starring Alan Rickman. Their award-winning productions have broken boundaries
around the world, from West End and Off-Broadway to Adelaide, Moscow, Tblisi, Stockholm and
Bucharest. Now returning to Edinburgh, with a ‘buzzing tour-de-force… that carries you along on
a life-cycle ride through the battle between humans and insects’. Prior to New York Premiere.


Hamilton (Lewis)

Hamilton (Lewis) is the epic story of a self-starter who worked a lot harder, by being a lot faster, born and raised in Stevenage, the most successful British F1 driver in the history of the sport. Blending hip-hop, jazz, blues, rap, R’n’B and Broadway, discover the petrol-fueled thrills and spills of the life of Hamilton (Lewis) then, as told by Hamilton (Lewis) now. A brand-new musical parody guaranteed to have you in hysterics all the way to the finish line. Not in any way endorsed by Lin-Manuel Miranda… or Hamilton… (Lewis)… or the Pussycat Dolls.


Narcissism. Ego. Superficiality. Social media. Obsession. Viciously funny and darkly comic. Fox portrays a conveyer belt of hyper-functional characters, combining music, physical theatre, dance and bouffon in a dynamic, confrontational piece that will lead you down a rabbit hole of delicious chaos. ‘A fierce condemnation of society’s insidious body-shaming’ ***** (LondonPubTheatres.com). ‘A confidence and creative verve that go beyond the resonance of her themes’ **** (Everything-Theatre.co.uk). ‘Affirming, ludicrous, surreal and raw… Fox is an astonishing physical performer’ (TheTung.co.uk).


What does it mean to be a millennial? One stands before you, trying to process her three most pressing concerns: job exploitation, crumbling friendship and the imminent apocalypse. She has an overwhelming need to share… and to say sorry. Taking you on a journey from the aisle of a supermarket to the edge of a volcano, Susie Sillett’s bold new work offers an honest and intimate exploration of young people’s experiences in the age of unpaid internships and avocado on toast.

John and Claire Lenehan – Loud and Louder

Prepare for loud and get ready for louder with some shouty thrown in for good measure. You will be amazed as this fantastical duo thrill your senses with a seamless, seam-bursting blend of comedy, magic, escapology, mind reading, cannibalism and lion-taming (pending permission from Edinburgh Zoo). Stalwart of the UK stage and screen, John Lenahan joins forces with New Act of the Year finalist Claire Lenahan to bring you the spectacle of the year. ‘If there is a better sleight-of-hand merchant than this, I’ve yet to encounter them’ (London Evening Standard)

Losing my Mindfulness

Do you want to feel calmer, more focused and relaxed? Imagine a life where daily stress just floats by like a cloud in the sky, not a rain cloud, a nice one, a fluffy one. Yeah, do you want that? You know you do, don’t you? Join me at my mindfulness workshop where we can leave our baggage behind and be in the moment, even if that moment is not quite what you thought it would be, cos hey, what is?! Sometimes that moment is f*cking terrible. I’m joking. See, mindfulness can be fun. Fun and calm.

Hans – Like a German

International superstar Hans, the boy wonder of Berlin, serves up an all-singing, all-tap dancing, accordion-pumping, glittering blitzkrieg of cabaret backed by his three-piece band, The Ungrateful Bastards! With more sparkle than a Studio 54 mirrorball and more feathers than a battery hen farm, hilarious Hans will have you slapping your thighs so hard, you’ll think it’s Oktoberfest. He’s a little Marlene, a little Madonna. A little Minogue, a little… Merkel. Hans is the ultimate showboy… In a pair of showgirl hot pants. ‘Hans down one of the most hilarious nights’ (BroadwayBaby.com).


Birdie’s a hoarder. The neighbours call her a harridan and a harpy, although most have never even met her. They see her hoard as a hazard for house prices. But it isn’t rubbish. It’s her life’s work and it exists because years ago something deeply cherished was stolen, and Birdie’s not been able to give up anything since. She’ll do anything to get this priceless thing back. Anything at all. A razor-sharp drama from Fringe First award winner Philip Meeks (Kiss Me Honey, Honey!), directed by Hannah Chissick and starring national treasure Su Pollard in her Edinburgh Fringe debut.