Lorca: A Theatre Beneath the Sand – NO REVIEW

Lorca: A Theatre Beneath the Sand
the space@surgeons hall
Theatre, Dance Acrobatics, Contemporary

“Two young drama school students play a surrealist game of poetry and acrobatics exploring the passionate world of the Spanish poet Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca including one of his best and least known plays, The Public.”


Review by Richard Lambert, UN-RATED

Having arrived at 16:20 for a 16:25 show my ticket was printed. I was then directed to go outside and join the Queue. Outside, the venue usher told myself and 2 women to wait under a sign. Come 16:25 I asked if there were only 3 for this show. I was told to go inside.

Inside I was told I was too late for the show and they didn’t allow late-comers.

The 2 women were refunded and Box Office said “sorry” to me.

So there it is – bad FOH management, I missed the show, and can’t provide a Review.