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Public Domain, 5 Stars

Once Upon a Mattress, 2 Stars

Sex/Crime, 3 Stars

Soho Cinders new Cast, 3 Stars

42nd Street, 5 Stars

Soho Cinders, 4 Stars

Thriller Live, 4 Stars

Act of God, 4 Stars

Macbeth, 4 Stars

Afterglow, 3 Stars

I Do! I Do!, 4 Stars

The House of YES, 5 Stars

tick, tick…BOOM!, 5 Stars

Derriere on a G-String, 4 Stars

Zeus on the Loose, 1 Stars

Working – a Musical, 3 Stars

Queen of the Mist, 3 Stars

Edinburgh Fringe 2019:

(Some)Body, 2 Stars

Super Human, 4 Stars

For Only An Hour, 3 Stars

Rouge, 4 Stars

Spank! 5 Stars

Hustlers, 2 Stars

Hotel Paradiso, 5 Stars

Kombini, 3 Stars

Backbone, 5 Stars

Losing My Mindfulness, 5 Stars

Traumboy, 5 Stars

Burlesque at Le Monde, 3 Stars

Romeo and Juliet by Curious Pheasant, 4 Stars

Bromance, 4 Stars


Happily Ever Poofter, 5 Stars

Hot Ice Utopian, 4 Stars

Dark Sublime, 5 Stars

Bare: A Pop Opera, 4 Stars

Riot Act, 3 Stars

Afterglow, 4 Stars

The Greatest Love of All, 3 Stars

The Glass Piano, 5 Stars

Summer Street, 2 Stars

Little Death Club, 5 Stars

The Milkman’s On His Way, 4 Stars

Amour, 5 Stars

The Marvellous Wonderettes, 5 Stars

Macbeth, 3 Stars


Strike up the Band, 2 Stars

CIRCA, 4 Stars

Call Me Vicky, 2 Stars

Bleach, 4 Stars

My Dad’s Gap Year, 5 Stars

Kompromat, 4 Stars

Violet, 5 Stars

Dad’s Army Radio Show, 2 Stars

The Dame, 3 Stars

Briefs: Close Encounters, 5 Stars

The Distance you have come, 4 Stars

Going Ape!, 4 Stars

The Wider Earth, 5 Stars

Mythic, 2 Stars

Little Fools, 3 Stars

Play Something, 3 Stars

Salad Days, 4 Stars

Just Lose It, 4 Stars

Skin Deep the Body Image Show, 5 Stars

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018

SKIN DEEP the Body Image Show, 5 Stars

Animalphabet, 4 Stars

Adam Larter: Boogie Knights, 3 Stars

Marmite, 5 Stars

Love Song to Lavender Menace, 4 Stars

Gypsy Queen, 4 Stars

Bottom, 4 Stars

Losing my Mindfulness, 4 Stars

Bulgarians, Buggery, Brokeback and Beyond, 3 Stars

Free and Proud, 3 Stars

Addiction: the untold story, 3 Stars
Interview with Daniel Stevens from “Addicted”

Burn the Floor, 5 Stars

Leviticus, 3 Stars

Ouroboros, 5 Stars

Bananaboys, 3 Stars

SHIFT, 5 Stars

Trans Pennine, 2 Stars

Very Blue Peter, 2 Stars

James Dean is Dead, 5 Stars

Sticks and Stones, 4 Stars

SKIN DEEP Reviews:

London Theatre1 5 Stars

BN Online

Last Minute Theatre Tickets 5 Stars

The Gay UK 4 Stars

West End Wilma 4 Stars

London Theatre1 5 Stars

Musical Theatre Review 4 Stars

Boyz Magazine 4 Stars

London Theatre1 5 Stars

London Pub Theatres 4 Stars

(please note the show was previously titled “Boys in the Buff”)

The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives, 5 Stars

Adam and Eve, 3 Stars

A Gym Thing, 3 Stars

Seth Rudetskay’s Broadway with John Barrowman, 5 Stars

Coconut, 4 Stars

SEX/CRIME, 3 Stars

The World Goes Around, 4.5 Stars

Trainspotting Live, 4 Stars

The Mikado, 5 Stars

Trust, 1 Star

Foul Pages, 4 Stars

A Princess Undone, 2 Stars

Harold and Maude, 4 Stars

Dietrich – Natural Duty, 4 Stars

Top Hat, 5 Stars

The Tailor-Made Man, 5 Stars

Cirque Enchantment, 5 Stars

The Mysterious Gentleman, 1 Star

Metropolis, 4 Stars

Brothers Karamazov, 5 Stars

Hair, 4 Stars

As a Tiger in the Jungle, 4 Stars

The Simon and Garfunkel Story, 3 Stars

Bascule Chambers Concerts, 4 Stars

The People vs Donald Trump, 2 Stars

Romantic Revolution, 2 Stars

Footloose, 4 Stars

Eyes Closed, Ears Covered! 4 Stars

ISHQ, 3 Stars

Royal Vauxhall, 2 Stars

Gypsy Queen, 5 Stars

Bite Your Tongue, 4 Stars

Talk Radio, 3 Stars

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2017

Aaron Twitchen: Curtain Twitchen, 5 Stars

Play Something, 4 Stars

Gayshit, 1 Star

Big Fat Gay, 3 Stars

Leeds Tealights: Fix Us, 3 Stars

Rob Cawsey – Just Cruising, 5 Stars

Ordinary Days, 5 Stars

Secret Life of Humans, 4 Stars

Teddy Bear’s Picnic, 3 Stars

The Odyssey, 4 Stars

Pageant, 4 Stars

Hot Ice Show, 5 Stars

Misanthrope, 2 Stars

Kiss Me, 4 Stars

Punts,5 Stars

This Is Not Culturally Significant, 5 Stars

Brighton Fringe 2017: Lulu, 5 Stars

Brighton Fringe 2017: Owen Roberts: The Man Who Ate Too Many Raisins, 2 Stars

Brighton Fringe 2017: Darkroom Diaries, 3 Stars

Brighton Fringe 2017: Jon and Nath Like To Party, 4 Stars

Brighton Fringe 2017: Circus’Sission: Those That Made The Cut! 5 Stars

Brighton Fringe 2017: AGM: Unfinished Business, 4 Stars

Brighton Fringe 2017: The Great Train Robbery, 3 Stars

Brighton Fringe 2017: Mozzz!, 5 Stars

Care, 1 Star

Becoming Mohammed, 4 Stars

The Pulverised, 2 Stars

Pete ‘n’ Keely, 4 Stars

Miss Nightingale – the Musical, 3 Stars

Custody, 3 Stars

Chinglish, 4 Stars

Big Guns, 4 Stars

An American in Paris, 5 Stars

One Last Thing (For Now), 4 Stars

Bunny, 2 Stars

Wisdom of a Fool, 5 Stars

Lizzie, 4 Stars

The Understudy, 4 Stars

The Wild Party, 4 Stars

Will Power, 1 Star

This is Not Culturally Significant, 5 Stars

Beau Brummell – an Elegant Madness, 4 Stars

Frankenstein, 1 Star

That’s Jewish Entertainment, 5 Stars

Drag On, 3 Stars

The HIV Monologues

The Doppel Gang, 5 Stars

Abigail, 4 Stars

Brains, 1 Star

The Trackers of Oxyrhynchus, 3 Stars

Sweet Charity, 5 Stars

The Crumple Zone, 4 and 5 Stars

Anything Goes, 4 Stars

Christmas, 3 Stars

The Snow Queen, 2 Stars

The Nutcracker on Ice – Dubai and On Tour, 5 Stars

Scrooge and the Seven Dwarves (3 Stars)

The Nutcracker on Ice (5 Stars)

Boys (4 Stars)

Princess (2 Stars)

Trumpageddon (3 Stars)

Where Do Little Birds Go? (5 Stars)

Dare Devil Rides to Jarama (4 Stars)

Apocalypse Cruise Ship Love Affair (3 Stars)

The Giant’s Loo Roll (3 Stars)

A Guide to Second Date Sex

The Right Ballerina (5 Stars)

Skin A Cat (5 Stars)

Straight to the Heart (4 Stars)

Danger Memory (3 Stars)

Sid (2 Stars)

punkplay (3 Stars)

Vanities the Musical (1 Star)

Sister (4 Stars)

The MGM Story (5 Stars)

Crime and Punishment (3 Stars)

The Wawel Dragon (5 Stars)

Erik’s Satie-Faction, Pleaseance Courtyard, Edinburgh, 27th August 2016 (4 Stars)

The Past is a Tattooed Sailor, Old Red Lion, 13th August 2016 (3 Stars)

Exposure the Musical, St James, 5th August (3 Stars)

Cargo, Arcola Theatre, 9th July 2016 (2 Stars)

“Obsession” Hot Ice Show, Blackpool Ice Arena, 8th July 2016 (5 Stars)

Savage, Above the Arts, 2nd July 2016 (4 Stars)

Norma Jeane – the musical, Lost Theatre, 3rd June 2016 (2 Stars)

A Subject of Scandal and Concern, Finborough, 23rd May 2016 (3 Stars)

Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens, Kings Head, 29th April, (5 Stars)

Blind Man’s Song, Pleasance Theatre, 29th April 2016 (4.5 Stars)

Comeback Special, Shoreditch Town Hall, 24th March 2016

Twelfth Night by Scena Mundi, The French Protestant Church, Soho Square, 23rd March 2016

Torsten the Beautiful Libertine, Above the Stag, 20th March 2016

The Eulogy of Toby Peach, The Vaults, 19th Feb 2016

In The Night Time (Before the Sun Rises), Gate Theatre, 14th Feb, 2015

Mrs Henderson Presents, Noel Coward Theatre, 17th Feb 2016

The Kissing Dance, Ye Old Rose and Crown, 16th Feb 2016

Seasons of Larson at the Lyric Theatre, London, 25th Jan 2016

Lord of the Dance: Dangerous Games, Playhouse Theatre, London, 19th Jan 2016